Español por la gracia de Dios

Recently, Pedro Sánchez, president of the government of Spain, has taken the 2 aces out of his top hat. The first, without a doubt, was the reception in Valencia of 650 illegal immigrants rescued on the high seas, by the spanish Aquarius ship, and which the Italian authorities rejected. This was media, but easy to do. Fortunately in Spain, there are still people willing to do good, although we can not fall into the naivety of unlimited generosity. Goodness has a price.

The second ace, is the pretension to exhume the remains of the dictator Francisco Franco, of the Valle de los Caídos, and here, it will be his true level of credibility.

There are many still who subscribe in Spain, the logo of this post, «Spanish and by the grace of GOD», and have been subsidized through the Francisco Franco Foundation.

I do not want to say anything more, I will like to see to believe it, but we will sure see the puppies of Spanish fascism fighting against the heretic Pedro Sánchez. Come and see. You will see how Franco, Hitler and Mussolini, are still very present in many Spaniards, to constitute a large part of them, their reason to live.

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