Ceuta and Melilla, always Spanish?

Ceuta and Melilla, always Spanish?

With the continuous assaults on the dividing border fences of Ceuta and Melilla, with Morocco, with «hot» return agreements, and obtaining favorable fishing agreements for the southern fishermen’s associations, in exchange for a position of neutrality in the Saharawi conflict, which in practice translates into a de facto occupation, one wonders, if Spain is not paying too high a price, for these concessions to the Kingdom of Morocco.

It should be remembered that Western Sahara has never been formally recognized, with publication in the BOE, as a territory, neither assigned to any state, nor formally independent.

It is clear that Morocco is already comfortable with this policy, because it knows that the riches located in Western Sahara are infinitely higher than the concessions to Spain.

At this point, one might ask, do not Ceuta and Melilla have a price too high? Would it not be possible to observe a policy of international multi-retaliation regarding the conflict in the Western Sara, or more energetic?

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