Can we go further?

We have been watching stunned, as a political formation, VOX, has as sole objective the harassment and demolition, of what they call, «Catalan political class destroyers against Spain», without proposing, a bit of sincere and constructive proposal for Catalonia.

Members of an aggressor, transgressor, abusive and rapist group of a defenseless young woman, the self-styled «La Manada», are at liberty, without preventive detention, and as an abuser of his ex-wife, took the children to Sardinia, and the mistreated is sentenced to 5 years in prison, and 6 of loss of custody of their children.

In addition, we can see at FACEBOOK, as groups that choose football, as an umbrella of their fascist and nazi ideology, they do not hesitate to make propaganda, apology and proselytism of their ideology, through this medium. Where have we come to ?. Can we go further?

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